Uncategorized | March 09, 2004

In the last few weeks, I have contemplated the arts community in today’s culture, the vital and sometimes dwindling role it plays in day-to-day American life. I walked up through campus after the Edward Albee presentation, quietly motivated and glad he touched on the very concerns I have been thinking about. We seem easily trapped in everyday passivity and compliance. However redundant this idea of the power of art is, it still inspired me and I was thankful Albee talked about it. I think about this so called decline of the arts and wonder when we fell into such passivity? What triggered this turn from thinking rationally and thoroughly, to submissive and docile? Albee reminded me that it is our destiny, that we can allow art to show us what really matters. This is an invigorating freedom, one I feel we don’t always take advantage of. He touched on the general lack of participation and made me nostalgic for New York decades ago; the rise and fall and bounding confidence of the young artists. I lose track sometimes in everyday monotony and forget the wonderful gift we embody: the ability to make art, to become more aware of our own consciousness through art. I feel blessed to be at a position in my life where art and inspiring people are all around. Working at the Review, reading fiction everyday, and being part of a community that honors writing is a true privilege.