Pattiann Rogers (2010)

Pattiann Rogers

Pattiann Rogers has written eleven collections of poetry. Many of her most enduring poems were published in the early collections, which include The Expectation of Light (1981) and The Tattooed Lady in the Garden (1986). Firekeeper, New and Selected Poems (1994) was recognized by the Academy of American Poets as one of the finest books of poems published in that year. Her most recent book of poems, Wayfare (2008), exudes her love of the natural world, of the language of science and of the rhythms and tones of music.

In 1999 Pattiann Rogers published her first book of prose, The Dream of the Marsh Wren: Writing as Reciprocal Creation. In the eighteen essays that make up The Grand Array, her new book of prose, she reflects on her career as a poet and on the inevitable distinctions between poetry and prose as well as on the poets, notably Walt Whitman, who continue to speak to her. [2009]