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Sharman Apt Russell

Sharman Apt Russell has appeared a number of times in TMR and is widely published.  Her book, Kill the Cowboy, appeared in 1994.


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Mar 01 1990


For most American women, the question of where to have their first child is easily answered. Either they would never dream of having it in a hospital or they would never dream of not. For these women, there is no decision to make, no research, no late-night reversals. Intuitively they have determined the relationship between birth and technology. Most accept pregnancy as a medical “event,” belonging to the realm of doctors, pharmacology, and electronic equipment. A few reject that model as undesirable and unsafe. Right or wrong, pro-homebirth or pro-hospital, these women feel secure. They have made their judgment.

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Jan 01 1988

The Mimbres

THREE YEARS BEFORE my husband and I bought land on the Mimbres River, an unusual amount of winter snow and spring rain prompted what locals authoritatively called a “hundred-year flood.” That left us ninety-seven years. We were also reassured by the large dikes built by the Army Corps of Engineers between our agricultural field and the river-bed. These dense gray mounds of gravel, contained improbably with heavy mesh wire, were ten feet high, twelve feet at the base, and ugly. They efficiently blocked our view of the river which, at that time, was not much of a loss. Although things were to change quickly, when we came to southwestern New Mexico the price of copper stood high, unemployment was low, and–on our land–the Mimbres River stretched bone-dry.