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Will Baker

Will Baker is the author of several novels and nonfiction books, including Backward and Mountian Blood. [1991]


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Jun 01 1989

Chiquita Banana Muy Bonita

Dedos and he looked at each other only once when the couple strolled out of the ruin and then along the dusy road through the market. The camera was still in its case around his shoulder. They were talking animatedly about the great stone figure they had just seen. The two young men stayed twenty yards back, apparently idling away the afternoon. Children they knew called out and muttered alongside and glared, but the two men only bowed mockingly at these old crones, who brooded all day long above the dark toadstools of their volumnious skirts, surrounded by plastic buckets or sacks of coarse-ground corn, heaps of sweaters or small replicas of the gods inside the ruin.

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Jun 01 1985

The Beautician and the One-Legged Man

Weekends the sawmill shut down, and only chuffed an occasional white plume into the blue air to show the boiler was still alive. So Saturday morning, when I got up early to drive Aunt Lucille to the post office, the town was quiet, only a few farm pickups and dogs hanging around the corner store. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but as she got out to the car and stepped onto the board sidewalk, she said quickly over her shoulder, “I want to see if there’s a letter from my honey.”