From Our Soundbooth | August 23, 2018

Our Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize Contest is now open for submissions! We’re ready to read your best fiction, non-fiction and poetry submissions for our 2018 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize Contest. All submissions received before August 31 will receive a five-issue digital subscription to the Missouri Review, along with a paperback copy of the newest collection from Missouri Review Books, Trouble in Mind: The Short Story and Conflict. That means over one year of digital versions of full texts and audio recordings of each issue and a paperback copy of a collection of select Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize previous winners and finalists in fiction. We’re so excited to show you what you’re getting that we’ve compiled a short audio preview of the past eight years of Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize winners in fiction, six of which will be featured in Trouble in Mind.

Listen to these previous winners, below:

Stories featured in the clip are: “Exit Seekers” by Tamara Titus, Winner 2017; “Instruction to the Living from the Condition of the Dead” by Jason Brown, Winner 2016; “The Wall” by Emma Törzs, Winner 2015; “How to Walk on Water” by Rachel Swearingen, Winner 2014; “Consider This Case” by Melissa Yancy, Winner 2013; “The blood was the mountain and the mountain was the bear” by Rachel Yoder, Winner 2012; “The Long Net” by Anna Solomon, Winner 2010; and “Exotic Animal Medicine” by Fiona McFarlane, Winner 2009.