From Our Staff | September 17, 2008

The deadline for this year’s Editors’ Prize is just a few short weeks from now. Continuing our look at previous Editors’ Prize fiction winners, 2003’s “Custodian” by Daniel Coshnear, follows Manny, a janitor at a private high school, who is dealing with his son, a high-school senior, who has suddenly become a father. The son fathered the child with one of the rich girls who attends the private school, and has moved in with the girl and her mother, and doesn’t want his father coming around because he is worried that he will embarrass him. Meanwhile, Manny is trying to take care of an old friend who is suffering debilitating complications due to ill-management of diabetes. The two stories intersect as Manny tries to give his son a lesson in responsibility. Read the story for yourself at:

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