From Our Soundbooth | August 11, 2016

This week, on The Missouri Review’s Soundbooth podcast, the audio team discusses their experiences reading submissions for The Missouri Review!

The Missouri Review gets a lot of submissions each and every year.  A lot.  So it’s no surprise that it’s often a difficult process to choose what we’d like to publish.  A process made even more difficult with the sheer amount of work we wish we could publish if we only had the time and space!  In this Soundbooth podcast, The Missouri Review interns and readers discuss their own experiences with the submission process.  Max, Madeline, Kristian, and Cole talk about cover letters, the joys of discovering something outside their comfort zones, and how reading submissions has impacted their own writing!

This podcast is recorded, edited, and brought to you by Madeline McConnell, Max Dougherty, Kristian Haywood, and Cole Kelly.  We apologize for the slight clicks and car sounds, but we were unable to edit these out without losing pieces of this wonderful conversation!