From Our Staff | January 03, 2011

We are delighted to announce the winners of our 20th annual Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize.  Let’s get to it!


Winner: Lisa Nikolidakis of Tallahassee, FL for “Home”


Anna Solomon of Providence, RI for “The Long Net”

Jennifer DuBois of Palo Alto, CA for “The City of the Dead”

Erin Flanagan of Dayton, OH for “The Wrong Man”


Winner: George Looney of Erie, PA


Nadine Meyer of Gettysburg, PA

Diane Seuss of Kalamazoo, MI

Josh Booton of Austin, TX


Winner: John Hales of Fresno, CA for “Helpline”


Peter Selgin of Canton, NY for “Titanic Obsessions”

Doug Hunt of Columbia, MO for “Names”

Molly Schultz of Moscow, ID for “On Loneliness”

We have never received so many submission for our Editors’ Prize – well over 2500 manuscripts – and the overall quality was extraordinarly high.  This is of course a good thing: selecting winners of a contest should never be easy, and it certainly wasn’t for us.  We’re very thankful to all the writers who entered this year. TMR is only as good as the work we publish, and we are grateful that so many writers sent us their very best work. So, as always: thank you!

And, hugs and handshakes to the TMR staff, too. Getting through all those manuscripts and making the tough decisions on semi-finalists, finalists, and making the recommendations for our winners – let alone all the administrative stuff that goes into promoting the contest, which began months ago – is an exhilarating challenge.  And, we pulled it off!  Big thanks to our contest editor, Claire McQuerry, and all our editors, advisors, and interns who made it happen.

The 2011 Editors’ Prize issue will be out in April.  I’m positive you’ll find these stories, poems, and essays as engaging and memorable as we did.

Michael Nye is the managing editor of The Missouri Review.