From Our Staff | March 17, 2010

In this episode of our podcast, we present our second place winner for 2009, “Women of Troy,” a work which was produced as part of the “In Verse” recording project, created by Ted Genoways and Lu Olkowski. In its full, multimedia incarnation, “Women of Troy” features poet Susan B.A. Somers-Willett, photographer Brenda Ann Kenneally, and producer Lu Olkowski as they document the lives of working mothers in Troy, New York. This version consists of two poems that Somers-Willett wrote for the project, paired with field recordings and audio from recorded interviews.

Listen to the podcast here.

You can also watch a different part of “Women at Troy,” with photography, below (via Vimeo):

In Verse: Women of Troy from InVerse on Vimeo.