Dispatches | October 12, 2009

I’d actually like to follow up on my post last week, “There’s an app for that?”. Another literary group doing something for the ipod is an author named Andrew Foster Altschul. I’m not sure if this is an actual app, or something else, but the brief blog entry at the One Story blog explains Altschul is producing Flash Fiction for the mobil phone.

I think Flash Fiction and digital technology could (already is?) be a matrimony made in heaven. There are right now a number of flash Journals that don’t even produce paper publications and, though not all, some do see success. I agree with Cameron that there is nothing better than reading a real book, but, at the same time, if I got a Flash Fiction piece, sent to me every morning through my phone, or my email or whatever, I would definitely take the five minutes to read it. I think the argument is best described in two words: Why not?

Well, I’ll leave that at that. I want to mention one more new literary happening before I go. I was reading Maud Newton’s blog, apparently there is this new(ish? not sure how new it is, but recently featured in huffington post) site called fictionaut As far as I can tell, skimming through the site and a couple articles, its like a collision of social networking and literary works. Also, I guess anyone can publish. Very weird, interesting and apparently successful. Check it out.

-Eddie Kirsch