Dispatches | October 13, 2009

Just Google it. The Millions, The Book Bench, Drawn and Quaterly, The New York Times, they’re everywhere, and, personally, I love it.I’m not sure if my parents would corroborate this or not, but I fondly remember Maurice Sendak’s Where The Wild Things Are as being one of my favorite books as a child. I don’t remember what I thought the book was actually about then, but as I look back it, I think of it as a tale glorifying the power of imagination and how important it is to a child. Fifteen years later, as a college student and amateur writer, imagination is still very important to me, both to fulfill coursework and as a form of escape.

As you can imagine, I am both extremely excited and nervous about Spike Jonze’s film adaptation of the book that comes out on Friday. The trailers look great and they include everything I would want from the original. What I’m nervous about is everything in between. Sendak’s scant 38 page book would hardly be enough material for a feature length movie, and Dave Eggers’s novelization of the children’s book surely added something. I have faith that both Jonze and Eggers, who I can only hope loved the book as much as I think I did, stayed faithful to the kernel of wisdom at the center of the book about the power of imagination.

I’ll be at the theatre Friday night, sweating in my seat. At least until the wild rumpus begins. Maybe I’ll see you there.

All the Best,