From Our Staff | June 21, 2010

We have a winner!  We’ve just (finally!) done our iPad drawing.  I’d like to thank all our readers and writers who wrote in asking to be entered in the drawing.  We received several hundreds of entries, and had to scrounge up a very large hat to throw in all the emails we received.  I stirred the whole pile of small notebook pages around and around, held the bin way up in the air, shook it a couple of times for good measure, and asked The Intern to reach up and pluck a winner.  The Intern, grateful to not do any more filing for the afternoon, complied.

So: a big Congratulations to our iPad winner, Ember Johnson of Lake City, Minnesota!  The super awesome 3G + WiFi + Future of Digital Reading device is on the way and should be in Ember’s hands by the end of the week.

As the summer heats up and Missouri becomes brutally hot, we’re inside McReynolds Hall, reading carefully in search of new work for the Autumn issue.  Where’s the Summer issue, you ask?  At the printer!  Vol. 33.2 should be out right around the first week of July.  So that week, along with fliers for Fourth of July sales, you should also receive a new issue of TMR complete with new fiction by Becky Adnot Haynes, Nathan Hogan, Devin Murphy, and Wade Ostrowksi, new poetry by John Evans, Benjamin Grossberg, and Jonathan Johnson, essays by M.C. Armstrong and Sharon Solwitz,  and a new interview with a Marvelous and Very Awesome Famous Writer that you won’t want to miss.