Dispatches | October 06, 2018

We’ve extended the deadline to October 15, 2018, meaning that you have just under 10 days to submit!

So, what can you do in 10 days? A lot, it turns out.

Leaves are changing, hoodie season is upon us, and we’re chopping wood to stoke the TMR office fireplace. Just kidding, we’re not doing that because we don’t have one of those. But we have begun reading entries for our 2018 Editors’ Prize! Never fear, if you have yet to submit, we are excited to say that you’ve still got 10 whole days.

That got us thinking: what could we do with 10 days (if we weren’t reading for our next winners)? If we walked out of our offices right now, we could end up in New Orleans in 10 days (we’d only have to ford a few rivers). We could whip up a fresh batch of kombucha to drink all to ourselves. While that was steeping, we could learn how to lose Matthew McConaughey over something called a love fern. You could count to 10 very slowly in 10 days, we could come up with 10 dishes we’ve never prepared, or 10 jack-o-lantern designs. We could probably draw up plans for that fireplace and chimney we’ve always dreamed of having at the TMR offices in 10 days, if we put our minds to it. Maybe we’d just sleep a lot. Hibernate, even.

We won’t have time to do any of that, of course, because we’ll be busy carefully reading contest entries. But you’ve still got time—10 days—to make sure that we get to read your piece, too.

Enter today!

What have you done at the eleventh hour, to be rewarded with success beyond your expectations?

This week’s featured response is from @paulaoffkilter:

“I had an extramural assignment due. I started putting it together the night before. I got a friend to drive me to the post office, so that I could finish writing/labelling things in the car. I got there just as they were closing the front doors. I knocked on the door and looked sad/desperate/adorable. They opened the door and let me pay for the postage.

I got an A+. And I never learnt my lesson about doing things earlier than the last minute”

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