From Our Soundbooth | October 01, 2007

Jude Nutter (2008)Katy Didden talks with Jude Nutter, winner of the 2003 Larry Levis Prize in Poetry.

Jude Nutter’s first collection, Pictures of the Afterlife (Salmon Poetry, Ireland), was published in 2002. The Curator of Silence (University of Notre Dame) won the Ernest Sandeen Prize from the University of Notre Dame and was awarded the 2007 Minnesota Book Award in Poetry. A third collection, I Wish I Had a Heart like Yours, Walt Whitman, is forthcoming. In 2004 she spent two months in Antarctica with the National Science Foundation’s Writers and Artists Program. She currently works in Minneapolis. [2008]

Katy Didden grew up in Washington DC. She holds a BA in English from Washington University in St. Louis, and earned her MFA at the University of Maryland on a graduate school fellowship. After graduating from UMD, she taught poetry and composition at Loyola University, Chicago. She moved to Columbia to pursue a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing at Mizzou, where she is a recipient of the Maxwell Fellowship. Her poetry has appeared in The DC Poets Against the War Anthology, Nimrod International, Crab Orchard Review, and Crazyhorse.