Dispatches | September 13, 2013

Here at the TMR Podcast, we can barely contain our excitement about the coming 23rd annual Editors’ Prize contest (the deadline for which is a scant two weeks away)! As a little early celebration, we sat down for a chat with some of our past winners. Today on the podcast, our Technology Editor, Meagan Ciesla, speaks with Terry Ann Thaxton, whose wonderful essay Delusions of Grandeur was the winner of our 2012 Editors’ Prize for Nonfiction.

thaxton_terry_ann_2013Terry Ann Thaxton’s two books of poetry are Getaway Girl (2011) and The Terrible Wife (2013). Her guidebook/anthology Creative Writing in the Community is forthcoming from Continuum Publishers (October 2013). She has published poetry and essays in Rattle, Connecticut Review, Hayden’s Ferry, Teaching Artist Journal, West Branch, Tampa Review and other international literary journals. She is associate professor of English at the University of Central Florida, where she directs the Literary Arts Partnership.