ISSUES | fall 1995

18.2 Cover

18.2 (Fall 1995): "The Zane Grey Letters"

Featuring work by May-lee Chai, Harry Albert Haines, James Harms, Scott Lasser, Kathleen McGookey, J. Morris, Connie Oehring, Sharman Apt Russell, Brian Taylor, and Jonathan Veit, an interview with Paulette Jiles, and a found text by Zane Grey.


18.2 Cover


Sep 01 1995

Riding the White Line: A Memoir on Two Wheels

There are images sharply fixed in my memory from my youngest sister’s disappearance in 1980, though most of them are things I never actually saw. One is the face of her murderer, who in the weeks before her death stopped his car twice to offer me a ride as I walked the mile and a half home from the bus stop. Another is a confused vision of this man dragging Doris off her bicycle into his car. Nobody saw this happen, but it comes to me when I try to understand her death, to comprehend an essentially senseless act of violence.