ISSUES | winter 1996

19.3 Cover

19.3 (Winter 1996): "Secret Lives"

Featuring work by Talvikki Ansel, Amy Knox Brown, Antonia Clark, E. A. Hubacker Coleman, Robert Gibb, Ruth Hamel, Jeffrey Hammond, Marshall N. Klimasewiski, Eric Lupfer, and Jerome Mandel… an interview with Eric Bogosian… and a found text by Gary Scharnhorst.


19.3 Cover


Dec 01 1996

Drummer Man

It’s late afternoon on a hot Friday in early June, and I’m sitting in a plaza in a close-in suburb of Washington, D.C. I’m working, without much energy, on a typical summer project for an English profesor: a study of the funeral elegies of Puritan New England. I always write my scholarship in public places like this. Writing is lonely work, even when your subject isn’t seventeenth-century funerary poems, and it’s a comfort to look up and see people going about their business.