ISSUES | winter 2003

26.3 Cover

26.3 (Winter 2003): "Fusion"

Featuring work by Anthony Butts, Lissa Franz, Brendan Galvin, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Alice Hoffman, Naton Leslie, Catherine MacCarthy, Jill Marquis, Cynthia Morrison Phoel, Eric Puchner, Emily Raboteau, Stephanie Waxman, an interview with Tobias Wolff and a found text by Tennessee Williams and Allean Hale


26.3 Cover


Dec 01 2003

An Interview with Tobias Wolff

Interviewer: In your new novel, Old School, your narrator claims — truthfully, it seems to me — “No true account can be given of how or why you became a writer…” However, I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about the course of events that led you to pursue a career as a writer.

Wolff: It was, I suppose, a tendency in my nature, to some extent encouraged by my reading, and at one point by the example of my brother, Geoffrey, who is seven and a half years older than I.