ISSUES | summer 2007

30.2 Cover

30.2 (Summer 2007): "Truth in Fancy"

Featuring work by Tracy Jo Barnwell, Katie Chase, Douglas Delaney, K.A. Hays, Elizabeth Kirschner,  Khaled Mattawa, Molly McNett, Benjamin Percy, Michelle Richmond, Barry Silesky, Joe Wilkins, and Z. Vance Wilson, … and an interview with Sam Shephard.

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30.2 Cover


Jun 01 2007

One Step

I’m nine, I’m thirteen, I’m twenty-two and a football’s sailing over my head as I run full out, a step ahead of the guy behind me, my arms stretched to their limit. When the ball descends between my arms, my hands press just enough of it to grip it and pull it to me as I keep running, all the way over the goal line….the point is, I ran. Like you. I jumped, stretched, danced, did everything a body does, and more than many. In a world where I was the smallest boy, and by a lot, I kept up.