ISSUES | winter 1980

4.2 (Winter 1980)

Featuring work by Gordon Lish, Josephine Jacobsen, Anthony Caputi, Tobias Wolff, Jim Hall, Philip Levine, Garrett Hongo, Michael Pettit, Ellen Bryant Voigt, William Stafford, Laurie Sheck, Debora Greger, Gerald Stern, Maxine Kumin, Stuart Friebert, Cleopatra Mathis, Roger Weingarten, Marilyn Hacker, David Young, Jeffrey L. Duncan, Andrew Hudgins… and an essay by Allen Weir.

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4.2 Cover


Dec 01 1980

The Breasts of Young Women

He tossed lines to the girls coming off the dancefloor the way some people feed pigeons, smiling, exuberant, as if the pigeons were really feeding him, or promising to. “Nice number ‘the A-train’.” “You’re looking good. I was watching.” He stood sideways so that he could play his black eyes over both the dancers and those waiting. Through the dancers I could see him talking, always talking, heroic line of his Clark Gable mustache rising and falling.