From Our Soundbooth | January 14, 2022

Hello and welcome to Miller Aud-cast, the Missouri Review podcast where we listen to and discuss the finalists for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize. It’s good to have you here for with episode 44 of the Miller Aud-cast, featuring the latest finalist for the 2021 Miller Audio Prize in Prose, Beth Connor’s “The Lorelei.”

Beth Connor lives in the Pacific Northwest and loves to share stories through voice, dance, and the written word. She is the author of Hollow City, has narrated several audiobooks, and produces the podcast Crossroads Cantina.

In her Artist Notes, she has this to say:

In “The Lorelei” we meet Melinoe in a story written by Heather McQuaid. This story was inspired by Heinrich Heine’s poem “Die Lorelei” and was produced and performed by Beth. Heather’s short stories have been shortlisted on Reedsy and the Bridgend Writers Circle competition, and she’s finishing her first feature-length screenplay, ‘a taste of blue.’

Learn more about Connor at her website, or follow her on FB, Twitter, and Instagram. You can also follow Heather McQuaid on Twitter. Handles!
Twitter: @JBethconnor
Instagram @JBethConnor

Twitter: @h_mcq

Stay tuned after “The Lorelei” to hear managing editor Bailey Boyd and managing editor Marc McKee discuss the exquisite production and the layered elegance and effectiveness of the piece.

Aud-cast 45 is right around the corner, so BE ALERT. Thanks as always to the Missouri Review contest editor, Bailey Boyd, and to Patricia Miller, for her generous support for the Miller Audio Prize.

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