ISSUES | spring 2015


38.1 (Spring 2015) "Loners"

Featuring the winners of the 2015 Jeffrey E. Smith Editors’ Prize and work by Nicole Banas, Anders Carlson-Lee, Brent DeLanoy, Edward Hamlin, M.G. Stephens, Anthony Wallace, Sally Wen Mao, and the Ink-Blot Drawings of Joseph Cornell.




Apr 16 2015

How to Walk on Water

I’ll show you the backside of your soul. That’s what Arvel Wilkes told Nolan’s mother, Sigrid, the night of the attack. Nolan had found a manila envelope with a smeared carbon copy of the original police report inside. She had been just twenty-six when it happened, younger than Nolan now. The report didn’t note what his mother said in response to Wilkes, just that there were “minimal defensive marks on victim.” They had been living on the north side of Seattle at the time, his father away on a business trip, Nolan asleep in his crib.