From Our Soundbooth | February 28, 2008

Today’s podcast presents both of the winning entries in the Voice-Only Fiction category.

First place: Josh McDonald earns first place in the flash fiction, voice-only category with his submission, “Lost.” It’s a comic, surreal story of a madman on a bus shelter roof and the elderly woman who finds him. McDonald is a writer, musician and storyteller. He says he’s read his stories all over the United Kingdom (he hails from Bristol), including “bars, clubs, boats, yurts and coal-powered power stations.”

First-runner up: Madness, apparently, dwells in the minds of writers-or at least judges. The first-runner up in the voice-only, flash fiction category goes to Jithendria (Jithu) Kumar Aravamudhan, with his entry, “Memoirs of a Mad Man.” In the story, the main character narrates his past and the reasons that lead to his madness. Jithu is a third year graduate student at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. A native of India, he specialized in theatre sound design.

You can listen to this podcast directly here.